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Customized Your Mask

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This cloth mask has undergone numerous tests to be as protective as possible;

Manufactured in compliance with the French standard AFNOR SPEC S76-001 and tested by the laboratory of the Direction Générale de l’Armement (D.G.A.) of the French Ministry of Defence (Rapport d’essais D.G.A. n° RP/20-2615/DGA MNRBC/2000305/NP).

– 3 μm 70% particle filtration efficiency;

-air permeability for a vacuum of 100 Pa 96 L.m-2.s-1

-Design established and tested on carrier for 4 hours by us.

-3 layers of Polycoton fabrics 150g/m² of superior quality for maximum comfort.

-Flat mask dimensions: 20cmX10cm

-insert to place a filter if needed

– comfort fold

-The body of the mask has no seam: no sagittal vertical seam at the mouth and nose to avoid infiltration, the comfort fold allows to slightly fit the shape of the face.

-Fastening system: 2 elastic links behind the ears

Weight 0.095 kg

Black, White, Grey, Navy, Green, Orange, Red


Adult, Child



– Possibility of marking large visuals for more visibility and legibility, both near and far (on the face of the wearer, under packaging).

-Width of the flat mask of 10cm, including a wide comfort fold of a width of 5cm, placed in the middle of the mask, no seams on the body of the mask, facilitating any type of advertising markings (transfer, screen printing, etc.) without having to disassemble the mask beforehand, and without having to do a lot of manipulations.

-Width of the mask from 10cm flat to 20cm completely unfolded, offering 3 wide areas of markings: on the upper part of the mask (nose), on the middle part (mouth) and on the lower part of the mask (chin and neck), as well as on the sides.


-It is recommended that the mask be changed every 4 hours. According to the press release of the Académie Nationale de Médecine Française of 7 September 2020 (Press release from the French National Academy of Medicine September 7, 2020), “in public spaces, washable cloth masks should be preferred over disposable masks for obvious economic and ecological reasons.” “They must be changed when they become wet and never worn more than one day.”

-Do not touch the mask on your face.

-Do not touch the inside of the mask when changing it.

-This thin, durable, breathable mask is washable 10 times. According to the communiqué of the French National Academy of Medicine of September 7, 2020 «they are reusable after each cycle of washing-drying as long as their qualities (mesh of the fabric and integrity of the flanges) are not altered».

Clean and Store

wash the mask before first use.

It is recommended to machine wash them at 60° with a standard detergent.

According to the communiqué of the French National Academy of Medicine of September 7, 2020 “can be washed by hand, … the temperature of 60° is no longer justified”

Wash with similar colors.

Do not put in the microwave.

Do not bleach.

Dry thoroughly quickly.

Iron to low temperature 120°.


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